Strong-Point EA5 – Acoustical Eye Lag, Plain, 1/4 x 5, Case Quantity: 1000

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  • Type Self-Tapping
  • Vendor Strong-Point
  • SKU EA5

Brand: Strong-Point
Part Number: EA5
Diameter: 1/4
Diameter and Thread Size: 1/4
Length in inches: 5"
Material: Steel
Finish: Plain
Quantity: 1000

Attaches drop ceiling tie wires to wood.

• ASTM A 510 for carbon steel manufacturing
• Product meets ASTM B-117 for salt spray corrosion testing

An acoustical eye lag bit with torque limiting nose piece set at a maximum of 2500 RPM drive speed recommended. Do not over torque as it can cause the head to snap or stripping of the threads. Installed fasteners must penetrate a minimum of 3/4” into the wood structure.

Product Submittal: EA3_EA5